About the Guide

The prices of the instruments are denoted by the pitch of the keynote which is generally taken to be that with six fingers down. As with any rule there are a few exceptions and where these occur a note is made to indicate that the keynote is different. This keynote is the main key in which the instrument will play but it will of course in many cases be possible to play in further major and minor keys within it's compass. For example the 20p Cornemuse du Centre with a six finger keynote of d1 will also play in g1 with cross fingering to produce the flattened seventh as well as several minor key signatures so long as they harmonise with the drones. To indicate the true pitch of the instruments and to try and keep to a standard I have used the convention of c1 to indicate middle C i.e. the C between the treble and bass staves. The guide shows the most usual pitches for the instruments but they can with a few exceptions be supplied in a greater number of key signatures and at specified pitches if required. It is also possible to order reconstructions of instruments of which there are no known extant examples and I have a couple of these under investigation at the moment. These do not appear in the guide as they are mostly "one off" specials. Not all the instruments shown are currently available and these are denoted as "future" and this means they are still at the development stage, however if you are interested in them please feel free to ask as I may be close to producing a working prototype.

Placing an Order

To place an order and secure a place on my waiting list a deposit is required which is 10% of the total cost for orders with a total value under £1000.00, 15% from £1000.00 to £2000.00 and 20% for those above £2000.00. Should you wish to cancel the order then I must be notified as promptly as possible as it will depend upon what stage in the completion of the ordered instrument has been reached as to how and when the deposit can be refunded. The deposit ensures that the price quoted at the time of ordering is the final one and reflects on the cost of the instrument, the materials it is made from and whether it is readily saleable in the event of the order being cancelled. The balance is due on notification of completion.

Although I sometimes have a few instruments in stock it will normally be necessary to join my waiting list and an estimate of this can be obtained by contacting me with your requirements. As I am receiving orders and requests all the time it is difficult to give an accurate delivery time until a firm order is received and I know what is required as the more complex instruments take longer to manufacture.

Terms and Conditions of Business

Unless the instrument required is available from stock it will be necessary to join my waiting list, an estimate of which is given in the price list. To secure a position on the waiting list a deposit (refundable subject to conditions given below) is required and details of this are given in the section on placing an order. By paying this deposit the price of the instrument is held to that at the date of ordering. As orders are received and dispatched on an ongoing basis the waiting list is therefore under review constantly and a revised estimate will be sent with the confirmation of your valued order.

Instruments are dispatched on receipt of full payment which may be cash (if collecting in person), cheque (subject to clearance), postal order or direct money transfer via the Banking system. Cheques etc. should be crossed a/c payee and made payable to "Christopher Bayley Business Account"

All payments concerning orders from overseas can be made by Bankers Draft, International Money Transfer (Fastest) or Personal Cheque drawn on a foreign bank (2 - 3 weeks delay whilst awaiting clearance) to the above account and unless otherwise agreed in advance must be in Sterling.

The right is reserved to alter prices as and when circumstances dictate without notification - this does not of course apply to instruments on order for which a deposit has been received.

Once an order has been placed any changes of address should be notified to myself as soon as is practicable and preferably in advance.

Post, Packing and Insurance are charged at cost on all orders not collected in person and in the unlikely event of of an instrument going missing or arriving damaged I must be informed immediately in writing so that the correct compensation can be obtained. Recent changes (2009) to the way the carriers / postal service calculate compensation by basing it on actual cost rather than the selling price mean that it is a replacement instrument or parts that will be supplied.

Instruments not paid for or collected within one month of notification of completion may be sold off for either the current, original list price or as practical. Any shortfall on the original price, advertising costs will be deducted from the above said deposit, the balance of which will be refunded.

Should the order be canceled for any reason then notification in writing must be sent to myself as soon as possible as the stage reached with regard to the construction of the instrument will affect how and when the deposit is refunded.

All instruments on order remain the property of myself until paid for in full.

Instruments sent for repair are only covered by my insurance whilst at my premises and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure adequate cover during transit to myself. Return Postage, Packing and Insurance will be charged at cost.

Whilst I will do my best to keep as close to the estimated completion date it should be noted that circumstances beyond my control can affect this. My instruments are made from the finest hand selected materials available and kept in stock as long as practical so that a check can be made on their moisture content and general stability, occasionally it is not until a piece is being worked that faults in the material become apparent and the manufacture of new parts can also cause delays in completion of the order.

Instruments available on loan to customers whilst their own are being manufactured must return the said instrument before their own is dispatched.

Whilst if requested to do so I am happy to suggest and advise on the choice of an instrument it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the said instrument is suitable for it's intended use. Every care has been taken to fully describe my instruments correctly and any errors, omissions are unintentional and will be corrected as soon as possible if you advise me accordingly.

My instruments are guaranteed against faults in both materials and manufacturing for a period of two years. This does not affect the customers statutory rights in any way.