Bagpipe gallery

The following pages contain some of the more unusual sets that I have seen. Copies can be commissioned for any of them.

Bagpipes in Art A selection of well known and not so well known pictures

Christmas Pipes Bagpipes in Nativity Paintings

Musette du Cour Extended compass chanters (large file)

Musette du Cour Extended compass small chanters (large file)

Musette du Cour Complex Drone shuttle (large file)

Musette du Cour Bonnie Prince Charlie's (large file)

Pastoral Set 2 Regulators and stop mechanism for drones (large file-14 photos)

Union Pipe Early set with 8 keyed regulator

Union Pipe Coyne with extended bass regulator

Union Pipe Compact Bass Regulator and interesting mounts

Union Pipe Egan monsters! (large file)

Union Pipe Brennan (large file)

Union Pipe MacGreggor Compact sets

Union Pipe Reid presentation set