France: Boha

This intriguing instrument sometimes also known as the Cornemuse Landaise from the Landes area of South West France seems to have more in common with the bagpipes of Eastern Europe rather than France.

The Chanter is double bored and rectangular in section and known as a `Pihet' one having with five tone holes plus a rear thumb hole and giving a basic scale of an octave with the other having a single hole which sounds in unison with the lowest note of the main bore. This `drone' bore is extended downwards by a short section joined to the main body by a chain so that it cannot be lost as it can be removed to alter the lowest note obtainable. The single hole on this drone is covered by the little finger of the lower hand and provides either a constant drone or a rhythmic style of accompaniment which greatly adds to the overall effect.

Both bores have single reeds and the tone is mellow but quite loud. The pitch of the instrument varies from g1 to c1.


Box or fruitwood with mounts of horn (mouthpiece) Pewter inlay and whole goatskin for bag.