Bagpipe Plans

The plans were originally produced on a CAD package called Drafix and saved in the program's native CAD format - this is an extremely user friendly and cheap drawing package. It was taken over by Autodesk a couple of years ago and was destined to be discontinued (many of its features being absorbed into both AutoCAD and Autosketch) but fortunately has been fully updated and is now available again for Win 9x/NT platform under the name of QuickCAD (currently at release 7 August 2000 priced around £40.00).

One of the enhancements to Drafix/QuickCAD is the ability to save the drawings in AutoCAD DWF format - "drawing web format" - which can be read and printed from either IE or Netscape after downloading the "Whip Plug-in" from Optional files in this format will be added shortly. A better option however is to obtain a CAD package as described below.

The advantage of this system is that you have a vector drawing that can be scaled and viewed without the inevitable quality loss associated with conversion to bitmap formats such as GIF or JPG.

A number of fairly cheap CAD packages are available and unrestricted free copies of some of these are occasionally found on PC magazine covers including in recent months "TurboCAD 2", "Autosketch 5" and "IntelliCAD" and on request copies of the drawings can be sent as e-mail attachments in formats suitable for opening in these and other CAD and Graphics packages including MicroStation, Unigraphics, CorelDraw and Freehand. 

A download area is now available whereby the files can be obtained directly from this site to suit these and other CAD packages. The plans can be downloaded in "dxf" format from the links below. If you would like them in a different format then please contact me.

Plans viewable at the moment on this site are in "gif" format each part of the main plan being linked to a more detailed drawing showing basic measurements to allow construction. External measurements have been omitted so that turning and decoration is left to individual choice.

My thanks to Francesco Lovisetti for sending the plans the Baghet and Boha

Plans Available:

These can be viewed on the site by clicking on the name (saved as gif).

WHIP plug-in "dwf" files:

Irish Union Pipes in Concert D by Leo Rowsome - Download (Drones Only) now (Chanter and Regs. soon).

CAD format files:

Downloaded files are self extracting and in "dxf" format once unzipped.

Irish Union Pipes in Concert D by Leo Rowsome - Download (Drones Only) now [Chanter and Regs. soon.]

Baghet (North Italian Bagpipe) : - Download now

Boha / Cornemuse Landaise in G (SW France): - Download now

Chabrette Perigordine in C (France):

Great Bock in G or F : (Praetorius: Syntagma Musicum)

I am working on a series of plans that will be available for purchase shortly and these include the following:

Border Pipes in A by Reid

Border Pipes in Bb

Chabrette Perigordine

Cornemuse Landaise (Boha)

Pastoral Bagpipe

Union (Uilleann) Pipes in D with barrel/shuttle drones and regulators by MacGregor

Union Pipes in Bb by Egan and Colgan

Union Pipes by Reid

The Union (Uilleann) Pipes set shown on this website will also be completed shortly - it is also available as a set of full size plans.