Bagpipe Gallery

The following pages contain some of the more unusual sets that I have seen; copies can be commissioned for any of them.

Bagpipes in Art: A selection of well known and not so well known pictures
Christmas Pipes: Bagpipes in Nativity Paintings
Musette du Cour: Extended compass chanters (Large file)
Musette du Cour: Extended compass small chanters (Large file)
Musette du Cour: Complex Drone shuttle (Large file)
Musette du Cour: Bonnie Prince Charlie's (Large file)
Pastoral Set: 2 Regulators and stop mechanism for drones (Large file-14 photos)
Union Pipe: Early set with 8 keyed regulator.
Union Pipe: Coyne with extended bass regulator
Union Pipe: Compact Bass Regulator and interesting mounts
Union Pipe: Egan monsters! (Large file)
Union Pipe: Brennan (Large file)
Union Pipe: MacGreggor Compact sets
Union Pipe: Reid presentation set