About Chris Bayley

When I first started making pipes professionally in 1975 it was just the Northumbrian Small Pipes, Border Pipes (Half long and Lowland) and the Irish Union Pipes, however by the end of 1976 requests were arriving for other types. The range of instruments began to expand as it still is, with museums, libraries and archives being searched diligently for useful material, several unusual forms not mentioned by Anthony Baines in his book "Bagpipes" have came to light during these visits and are fully described on this site.

The first "foreign" instrument to be completed was a set of Breughal (Flemish) Pipes during 1977 closely followed by a Cabrette, Cornemuse du Centre, a Zampogna a Chiave and a Scottish System Brian Boru chanter. Experiments during the latter part of 1977 on a prototype Phagotum led to the construction of a Great Bock (after Praetorius) which I had decided to keep for myself but of course there is always someone who wants something mildly different. Requests like these have lead to the wide variety of types that I now offer.

Materials for my instruments are covered on the Bagpipe page.

As a Piper I am available for Weddings, Burns Suppers, Funerals, New Year etc. Please see the Piping Services section for further details.